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Dear FName,

Thank you for sending us your ERA Schwag Order. 

You will be sent an invoice with your order total and confirmation. Via Email.

Hooded Zipper Sweat Shirt

 Qty  QtyHoodedZipper      Size  ZipHoodSweat

NO Zipper Hooded Sweat Shirt

 Qty  QtyHoodedNOZipper   Size NOZipperHoodSweat

Regular Tee Shirt  

 Qty  QtyTeeShirt   Size TeeShirt

 Baseball Hat

 Qty  QtyBaseBallHat   Size BaseballHat

First Name       FName

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City      City 

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Phone Number        Phone

Email Address      EMail 

Special Notes  S1 

E-mail: EMail
Telephone: UserTel

If any of this information is incorrect, please go back to the Order Form and change it. We thank you for taking the time to place your order.  You will be contacted when your ERA Schwag items are completed and ready for shipment.


Manager, Customer Services

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Revised: 09/28/10.