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Come join us for Marilla Civil War Days June 24-26, 2011

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Civil War Reenactment Events

June 25 - 26, 2011  Marilla NY

July 30 - 31,2011

Owego Civil War Reenactment  Owego, NY

August  29-30, 2009  

Email Contact: Mike Krawczyk

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Artillery Coalition Events Schedule

Feb. 12, 2011

 Alden Winter Festival Old Henskee School House

Alden, NY
March 5 - 6, 2011

 Curtis Museum Hanger Indoor Living History

see Robert. Yott
April 12, 2011

 National Public Reenactor Dress Up Day 12:00am - 11:30pm

Apr.16-17, 2011 

150th Anniversary Fort Sumter at Fort Ontario in of the Bombardment of

Oswego, NY
May 6-8, 2011  Artillery School at Fort Niagara Lewiston, NY
May 20-22, 2011  12th "Fire on the Genesee" Reenactment Letchworth State Park $5.00
Sat. May 28, 2011

 1st. Currier’s Station

Memorial Day on the A&A train

With Mr. Lincoln

Arcade, NY
Sun May 29, 2011

 2nd Muster in the Meadow

Forest Lawn Cemetery

Main Street at Delevan Entrance

10:00am - ?pm

Buffalo, NY
May 29, 2011

 15th Memorial Day Marilla, NY

Free Hot Dogs / Soda Pop

11:00am Parade-12: 00 cannon salute

Marilla, NY
June 5, 2011

 Springville Middle School (Dylan's Class)

Neaman St. between Rt. 39 and Middle St.

8:30am -2:00pm Mortar’s, Flags, CW Money

Springville, NY
June 6, 2011  Springville Dairy Festival Living History Springville, NY
June 10, 2011

 Friday Mossy Bank School Day Living History

7:30-2:00 Flags & C.W. Money

Bath, NY
June 10-12,2011

 Canisteo Civil War Reenactment

VFW Post

Canisteo, NY
June 17 – 19, 2011

 Jamesville Reenactment (Brandon)

Jamesville, NY. $5.00

Jamesville, NY
Jun 24-26,2011

 Marilla Civil War Days Reenactment

Three Rod Road Town Park

Marilla, NY $5.00

Marilla, NY
July, 29-31 2011

 6th Pirate Festival

Old Lakeshore Rd.

Evangola, State Park free

Evangola, NY
Aug. 5-7, 2011

 8th Tinker Homestead and Farm Museum

1525 Calkins Road

Henrietta, NY
Aug.12-14, 2011

 16th Arcade Reenactment

Currier Station Currier, NY

Arcade, NY
Aug. 19-21, 2011

 13th Hamlin Beach State Park


Hamlin, NY
Sept. 12th, 2011

 Buffalo Audubon Society in Java

Beaver Meadows Park

Sept. 23-25, 2011

 7th Allegheny Fair Grounds reenactment


Angelica, NY
Nov. 8, 2011

 10th Veterans Day Parade and cannon salute

Marilla Grill

Marilla, NY
Nov. 19-21, 2011 Remembrance Day  Gettysburg, PA

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